Our inspiration comes from our desire to find new ways to make people happy. 12 CATS enables family and friends to create wonderful memories together around the tabletop.

We pay great attention to the social aspects of board gaming and believe game creation to be our calling. Games created with rich imagination help people relax, dive into fantasy worlds, and escape reality for some time. Our purpose is to communicate this inspiration to our customers.

12 CATS makes epic board games that are highly creative, one-of-a-kind, and aren't limited to or controlled excessively by rules or tradition.



We start every project with a thematic concept and build the game from there, integrating fun mechanics. Our end goal is always to create spectacular and fun game experiences for our customers that make them think deeply and strategize for the game. We pay meticulous attention to details such as the components involved and the game mechanics. This is a crucial prerequisite that comes before we work on making the game fun. We try our best to build games that are easy to understand and have all possible probabilities for decision-making. More possibilities make the games extra stimulating as they allow players to replay the game dozens of times without losing interest.

We encourage you to check out some of our exciting games. You will enjoy playing them with your loved ones!